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Endometriosis in Chinese Medicine is classified as a stagnant blood condition. Some of the factors claimed to contribure to this blood stagnation are inactivity, poor diet, early menstrual problems that are incorrectly treated for example, pain, heavy flow and clots. Immune disregulation is thought to be a major cause of endometriosis. The common history of allergies, thrush, and general immune disharmony supports this. To improve or readicate the condition is to treat your overall health. You can’t just concentrate on your endometrioisis and ignore your whole body; your whole system needs to be improved.

What is the aim of natural therapies

The aim of natural therapies is to treat the patient with substances that are natural to the body or to the earth and to guide the patient towards changes in lifestyle or diet that would benefit them.

Natural therapies use such things as acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, homoeopathy, relaxation and or hypnosis, diet and exercise.

Each patient has to be individually assessed and prescribed for, depending on their own uniqueness. There is no standard endometriosis treatment.

Almost all disease is believed to be due to a high build up of toxins in the body. The body needs adequate nutrition and effective eliminatory mechanisisms to help discharge waste products.

The main eliminatory organs are the bowels, skin, kidneys and lungs, all of which are aided by the lymphatic system.

Natural treatments used for the treatment of endometriosis are -


Acupuncture claims to reactivate the energy pathways, revitalising and strengthening the body’s organs and boosting the immune function. It involves the insertion of needles to certain parts of the body and claims to help circulaton and directly aid the body’s ability to heal. This procedure is not usually painful; indeed most people find acupuncture as a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Herbal medicine

Some herbs are believed to regulate and stimulate the immune system, which is a very important area, to overcome immune dysfunction. There are herbs which are used as hormonal regulators to stimulate hormones, to help with the side effects of drugs, to reduce spasms and pain and to stimulate circulation in the reproductive system and lymphatic system.


You do not always get the recommended daily (minimum) allowance of vitamins and minerals in what one thinks is a balanced diet. You may need more specified nutrients to benefit conditions such as allergies, pain, smoking, stress, intestinal problems, and other health problems.


Homeoeopathic remedies claim to offer a gentle effective form of medicine. The remedies are selected after thorough assessment of the patient’s symptoms and are given in very small doses. The idea is that if a large dose can cause all problem, a small dose can heal it.


Relaxation therapy teaches a system that can produce a deep state of physical and mental relaxation which helps counteract the effect of stress. The technique is easy to learn nd requires only a few minutes daily practice to increase one’s sense of total wll being. Relaxation in for the form of self-hypnosis or meditation can be of enormous value for stress and pain management.


Iridology is not a treatment but a system of analysis. It is the study of the iris of the eye. Each area of the eyes is claimed to represent a body part (e.g brain, bowel, ovaries, lungs, kidneys) and shows tissue imbalances within the body.


Reflexology is an ancient touch therapy based on the belief that the entire body is replicated on the outer ears and extremities – the hands and feet. It involves pressure being applied specificaly to the hands, feet and ears to induce a physiological response with the recipeint’s body. It claims to promote effective blood and lymph flow, efficient functioning of the nervous system, and effective pain relief.


Massage is found to be of extreme benefit not only for stress management but also for the management of pain caused by endometriosis. It can relieve side effects of the drugs (e.g. headaches, pain in joints). It also helps with menstrual cramping and mood swings. This form of treatment can be done in the comfort of your own home, thus causing little inconvenience to your lifestyle.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils which can be used as compresses, by inhaling, by applying directly to skin, by bathing in, by vaporisation, or by massaging into the skin, which claims to have a healing and stimulating effect on tissues and organs.

What can be expected from treatment?

The effectiveness of treatment will depend on several factors, including the duration and intensity of the disease, and the age, strength, constitution and attitude of the patient. Several consultations may be necessary to begin with and may be reduced as improvement occurs. In some cases there may be an initial worsening of the condition before improvement, if any, can be achieved.

There is a lot that can be done for endometriosis. There are no overnight cures but treatment with natural therapies can often be effective and successful.

If you wish to try alternative therapies you are advised to seek help from a qualified naturopath, homeopath or herbalist and never try to treat yourself.

Information on this page was made possbile with the help of Health Advancement Branch of Queensland Health and David McLeod Bac. ND, DipMH, DipChHerbs. Our thanks for their assistance.

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