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Our programs

We have developed a range of programs to provide support and education. These programs have been professionally developed and delivered by trained professionals.



We know what it's like when you first hear your diagnosis! There are SO many questions. We've been there before and we want to make those first few steps on your endo journey a little less daunting!

Peer support is so important and that's where the EndoSister Program comes in! It gives you the chance to meet or talk with a 'sister' who has been through, or are going through a similar experience! 

Our EndoSister Program is open to anyone affected by endometriosis! You might have just received your diagnosis or you may have been living with the disease for a while. 

Big EndoSisters are there to support you! Each Big EndoSister has completed our support worker training, so they know what they're doing. They also have endometriosis, just like you and will have a good understanding of the disease.

They might have a similar experience to you, or completely different. Either way a Big EndoSister will have your back! The aim of the EndoSister Program is to help you, by giving you someone to talk to and connect with, so you don't feel so alone!

Our EndoSister Program is incredibly popular and as such we have introduced intakes. Big and little EndoSister intakes will open at certain periods throughout the year. This allows us to ensure we can provide adequate training and mentoring for our Big EndoSisters, and adequate support for our Little EndoSisters.

Should you require more urgent support, please contact our 24/7 support line on 1800 FOR WOMEN  (1800 367 96636).

schools PRogram


In July and August this year we piloted a schools program in 10 Queensland high schools. The one-hour program discusses periods, pain and endometriosis, in a fun and informative way.

Register your school’s interest in the program here.


workplace PRogram


Our program allows your organisation or workplace to become an accredited ‘endo aware’ workplace! A face-to-face series of workshops which will guide you through a range of information, support and management opportunities.


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