Angie Vienne - Advanced Practice Physiotherapist

Angie Vienne, Advanced Practice Physiotherapist with Eve Health

Angie Vienne is an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist with postgraduate qualifications in continence and women’s health. Recently having completed her Masters at Curtin University in women’s health physiotherapy, Angie is extremely passionate about improving the lives of women suffering from pain. She has spent several years working in women’s health and speciality sexual health clinics treating pain related disorders.

She is dedicated to delivering a high quality service to her patients in both private and hospital environments and has a special interest in the areas of obstetrics and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Understanding Physio for Pelvic pain

When considering how physiotherapy is important for the management of Endometriosis, close your eyes and see the growling tiger in the corner of the room. Your first reaction is usually to run and as your body becomes primed to the inflammatory response with each cycle of pain, your local muscle and nervous system reacts in a protective way usually by tensing. If that tiger hangs around for a while, the motor system gets ‘stuck’ and that leads to pain, deconditioning and then limitations to all activity. Endometriosis is a condition that leaves your motor system and the related nerves stuck in hyperdrive and hypersensitive mode. Physiotherapy can be a guide to ‘rewire’ your system. A physiotherapist can retrain any system that has become stuck on hyperdrive, and this is more than just your pelvic floor or ‘core’. It can be your breathing, abdomen, or even your bladder and bowel!

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