What do I Pack in My Hospital Bag?

By Isabella Gosling

So you’re going in for a laparoscopy, now what!? You may have left your specialist’s office with a bunch of forms to fill in, instructions for pre-op and details of your admission, but what should you take with you to the hospital, when you’re going in for a laparoscopy? 

When I had my first surgery, I had no idea what I was in for and I was so unprepared. I had my handbag and the comfy clothes I was told to wear, and that was it! When I woke up, all I wanted to do was to brush my teeth (or have a mint, something to get rid of the post surgery feel in my mouth), and wipe my face, and I couldn’t. Luckily I was able to be discharged and I didn’t have to stay overnight, as I would have been in more trouble, than when Ross thought he and Rachel were on a break (Friends reference, anyone, anyone?)! 

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 9.35.25 pm.png

So when you’re packing a bag / handbag to take with you for your op, here are some handy hints of what to consider bringing, so your hospital visit can be more comfy than mine! Now, this list will be dependent on whether you’re there for the day, or overnight, however it could be good to have all this on hand in case things don’t go to plan, and you need to stay.

  • Socks or slippers, to keep your feet warm and toasty

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush, so your pearly whites are nice and fresh

  • Throat lozenges, to ease your throat from the aircon 

  • Phone charger, so you can keep in touch, watch netflix, scroll insta or facebook

  • Earphones, so you can listen to your fave podcasts / music / shows without disturbing the whole ward

  • Peppermint tea or oil, for when the shoulder tip pain kicks in post op

  • Lip balm, to keep your lips from getting dry in the aircon

  • Face wipes, to give your face a refresh

  • Deodorant, for when you don’t have the energy to shower

  • Hair brush and dry shampoo, to sort out the post-hair-net-hair situation from your op

  • Magnesium oil or spray, so any aches or muscle cramps can be relieved (check with the nurses first before using)

  • Heat pack, to ease any cramping post op (again, check with the nurses before using!)

  • Pads or period undies, you’ll need them! 

  • Thongs, so you don’t have to go barefoot in the shower

  • Body wash, to help you feel nice and fresh

  • High waisted undies (You’ll want them!), to go up and over your op site

  • Comfy clothes to wear home, no denim allowed!

  • A Pillow to cradle in bed, or in the car on the way home to make any bumps easier

Thankfully, QENDO has also made an information pack available here, which includes all you need to know about Endometriosis, pre and post op! It includes information about endometriosis for you and your support network, Endo Myths,  a complete checklist of What to bring to hospital, your post op and recovery checklist, and EndoSister program info! What more could you want!? All I can say is, I wish I had this before my first laparoscopy. It would have made me feel so much more in control, and ready!

Stay tuned for our ‘Post Op Prep’ blog, coming next week! 

Much love,

Is x 

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