New Logo, Same QENDO!

By Jessica Taylor, QENDO President

Hey everyone!

For the past year, the team and I have been planning and working to bring a range of programs, events and information to the endometriosis community in 2018. It’s a big year for us as we’re 30 next year!

With so many new and exciting things coming, I felt that a refresh was needed to carry us into this next chapter of our organisation and better represent all that we are planning to achieve.

So, I am really excited to share with you our new brand. From today you’ll see a new look across our website and social media platforms; and very soon you’ll see it on all of our new products as well.

Our new logo to celebrate our upcoming 30th birthday!

Our new logo to celebrate our upcoming 30th birthday!

Our new look highlights what we’ve grown into: a contemporary organisation that is committed to assisting people affected by endometriosis by providing support, education, awareness, information and research.

Everyone will interpret something different from our brand but here are a few elements that I love most and what I believe our new brand truly represents:

  • women—our femininity but also our strength

  • connectivity—we are all connected to one another by shared a experience

  • community—we are here to support one another

  • empowerment—the power to control our health rests with each and every one of us

  • hope—that we can continue to make a difference.

I want to pay homage to the blue Brisbane-based Damselfly family that has represented QENDO for many years and carried us to where we are today. The Damselfly is known for assisting in transition, appearing when it is needed and flying away once the job is done. I thank the past committee for the gift of the Damselfly and the work they have done in getting QENDO where it is today.

We have been honoured to work with a local, Brisbane designer who also suffers from endometriosis to create this new look and I would like to sincerely thank her for the time and effort.

There’s plenty happening with QENDO for the remainder of this year and then 2018 is set to be our biggest year yet! Look out for more updates across social media and on our website.

We’d love to know what you think of our new look, so please comment below or via social media.



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