QENDO Gets a Nip and Tuck

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We are turning 31 soon so we decided to give ourselves a little ‘nip and tuck’ as we venture into our 30s.

They’re only small changes but nonetheless, we wanted to be upfront about what’s changed and keep you informed and on the journey with us.

So, what’s changed?

It’s all in the name

For quite some time we’ve used our nickname—QENDO—and that’s what many of you know us by too. Technically, we’re Endometriosis Association (Qld) Inc. but it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue so we’ve decided to use our nickname all the time. 

From here on out, we’ll be referring to ourselves as QENDO and you might notice some of our social media handles and other items change slightly.

We’re still the same organisation, just with a snappier name.

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Call me!

Our 24/7 support line has been around for as long as we have and it isn’t going anywhere. However, for a long time now, we have been receiving calls from women WORLDWIDE seeking support. To reflect this demand, we’ve changed our number so that it is more accessible for more women.

You can now get 24/7 support from our amazing support workers by calling 1800 FOR WOMEN (1800 367 96636)

These changes are now in effect and you may have already noticed them. If you’ve got questions or feedback, comment below or email us at info@qendo.org.au