Queensland First, Schools Pilot Program to teach teens about periods, pain and endometriosis

By Jessica Taylor, QENDO President

Good morning everyone,

Today is a big day for QENDO and our community. For many years we have seen the need for education around menstrual health to be integrated into the school curriculum. Why? Because health and education is key for young girls and boys, because the sooner they understand what’s ‘normal’ and what to look out for, the sooner they can speak up when something isn’t right.

I’m extremely excited and proud to share with you that QENDO, has obtained funding to release a schools program pilot later this year.

Thank you for your continued support of QENDO as without you we wouldn't be here today sharing this huge achievement; not only for our organisation, but for the health of girls and women across Queensland.

We’ll be sharing our big news across our social channels today. Help us get the word out by sharing our post with your friends and family.

Registrations for bookings are now open, email us here to secure your schools session!

Thank you,
31 March 2019

Isabella Gosling