Prep for Post Op Like a Boss

By Isabella Gosling

So you know what to take with you to the hospital (if you don’t, read this handy blog full of tips here). Now it’s time to get ready for after your op, when you’re most likely going to be feeling worse for wear, and won’t feel like your usual, amazing self! 

This is where QENDO come in (read, actual angels). They have prepped a comprehensive Post Op and Recovery checklist to help you turn stress into rest or ressst if you actually turned it, but you get what I mean!

Before you go in for your laparoscopy, you’re going to want to make sure you have these things on hand, or organised for you:

Post Op - Things to Have on Hand

  • Meals prepped, you definitely won’t feel like cooking for a few nights at least

  • Peppermint tea / oil, for when the shoulder tip pain kicks in post op 

  • Pads or period undies, you’ll need them!

  • Fluids, so you stay nice and hydrated

  • Heat pack, take it easy around your op site though, when you do use it! Don't apply it directly to the suture lines until they're further along in healing (as per our QENDO nurses!) 

  • Laxatives or activated charcoal tablets, just in case - all those pain relief and anaesthetic medications you've had in hospital can play havoc with your digestion and slow things down, keep it moving, trust us. 

You’ve had your laparoscopy, and the nursing team have said you can go home (Hooray)! There’s probably some questions you have, but it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and you may forget. Here are some things you may want to ask on discharge (keep in mind, they may not be able to answer them):

Discharge Questions

  • Was endometriosis found and where?

  • Was endometriosis excised?

  • Was there any evidence of ‘new’ endometriosis?

  • Could my fertility be affected?

  • What does my recovery look like over the next few days?

  • When can I drive?

  • When can I return to work, school, study or normal duties?

As well as those questions, there’s also a few jobs or things you may want to have upon discharge as well:

  • Have a discharge plan

  • Any medications you are being discharged with

  • A wound care plan or any additional dressings 

  • A Pillow for under your seat belt, to make the drive home easier

  • Having seen your specialist, or have an appointment scheduled for post op 

Thankfully, QENDO has also made an information pack available here which includes all you need to know about Endometriosis, pre and post op! It includes information about endometriosis for you and your support network, Endo Myths, a complete checklist of What to bring to hospital, your post op and recovery checklist, and EndoSister program info! What more could you want!?

Good luck with your op, and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

Much love,

Is x

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