QENDO and Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia Partnership Announcement


An exciting new partnership between QENDO and Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia

QENDO (a 30 year veteran of providing advice and support to people affected by endometriosis) has partnered with the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia (PFFA) to deliver a program about pelvic pain, periods and endometriosis to Queensland secondary school students. 

PPEP Talk® (Periods, Pain, Endometriosis Program) will be piloted in 10 Queensland schools from 22 July 2019. The program will educate students about pelvic pain, periods and endometriosis in a fun, educational and interactive way, and provide them the opportunity to seek ongoing support in their local area. 

QENDO President Jessica Taylor said the program has the potential to change the health of girls across Queensland. 

“Currently, it takes an average of seven years to be diagnosed with endometriosis, and for many of us, we are well into our 20s before we receive that diagnosis,” Jessica said.

“By equipping girls and young women with the right information earlier, they may be able to start this conversation with their doctors sooner.

“This partnership will support young Queensland girls and boys to be better informed about their bodies and their health, and I’m excited to see the contribution we can make to the next generation.” 

PPFA Chair Dr Susan Evans said she is looking forward to working alongside QENDO in Queensland schools.

“A program like this is long overdue in Queensland and I’m excited to be part of the team bringing this information and resources into schools,” Dr Evans said.

“We will be working with students from a range of social and cultural backgrounds, which we know will impact what they do and don’t know about menstrual health and their bodies. 

“This is important information that we’ll be gathering throughout the program pilot, and will be used to inform what we do next.

“Our shared goal is that the PPEP Talk® program becomes a part of the curriculum in every Queensland school. This is the first step.”

To find out more about the PPEP Talk® visit www.qendo.org.au/schools or email schools@qendo.org.au. 

If you need immediate advice and support about endometriosis, call the 24/7 support line on 1800 FOR WOMEN (1800 367 96636)